Episode 5 – Jennifer Wells & Compassion in the Montessori Classroom

Episode 5 – Jennifer Wells & Compassion in the Montessori Classroom
Photo credit: Oana Hogrefe Photography.

In this conversation I speak to Jennifer Wells, Montessori Guide and Positive Discipline expert.

Show Overview
3:30 – From Marketing to Montessori
11:00 – What is the Guide’s Place in a Child’s Development?
16:45 – Compassion Tip – Curiosity Questions
17:45 – Modeling Behavior
22:00 – Language Wildfires!
24:30 – Parent Teacher Partnerships
31:40 – Watching Compassion Grow in Children
38:25 – What is Positive Discipline?
44:25 – The “I” Message
49:00 – Tools for Children to Express Their Feelings
58:00 – Montessori in the Wild
63:00 – Biggest Montessori Misconceptions
67:00 – Who is Your Future Child?
80:00 – Rise of the Machines
95:30 – #1 Classroom Management Tip

Association Montessori International
Carbon Film
Janet Lansbury
Jared’s Cool-Out Space (book)
Jennifer Wells on Count Me In Podcast
Montessori Well

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