Episode 2 – Martin Lammon & Poetry

Martin Lammon & Poetry

I spoke with Poet and Professor Martin Lammon about his life, poetry, and dissecting cats. We spoke over coffee on a rainy Saturday afternoon in his study in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Lammon and his wife Libby were gracious hosts and formidable Scrabble opponents.

Show Overview

3:00 – Struggling to Appreciate Poetry
8:30 – Poetry, Objectivity, and Meaning
13:00 – What We Bring to Poetry
16:00 – Do You Love Your Poem?
21:30 – Who Will Sing Me a Song?
30:00 – How Poetry Changed in the 20th Century
37:00 – Digging Into Poetry
41:00 – The Poetry Reading
45:00 – Poetry and Vulnerability
49:00 – Singing and Talking to Girls
50:00 – Making Changes
57:00 – Poet/Ambassador
71:00 – “Like a _, my heart beats fast when I _”
77:00 – Tracing Students Lives
83:00 – What’s Your Mother’s Favorite Poem? –
93:00 – Two Poems by Martin Lammon

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