Episode 1 – Kristin Lemmerman & the Montessori Method

Episode 1 – Kristin Lemmerman & the Montessori Method

In this conversation Kristin and I talk about how she went from intern at CNN to Montessori Primary guide. Kristin discusses the contrast between the current American education system and the Montessori Method.

Show Overview
Kristin’s Pre-Montessori Career
Kristin’s Introduction to Montessori
Montessori Guide Training
The Importance of Exactitude in Presenting to Children
Montessori Education vs Mainstream Education/How Children Learn
Montessori and Language
Keeping Track of a Child’s Progress
When Parents Don’t Understand Montessori
Kristin’s Montessori Experience as a Parent
Montessori Materials – From Physical to Abstract
How Technology Impacts Children

Montessori at Emory
International Montessori Training Institute