Episode 3 – Remembering the Infernal Colonel: Wayne B. Nicoll

Episode 3 –
Remembering the Infernal Colonel: Wayne B. Nicoll

In this conversation I speak to Gregory Nicoll, author, interviewer, and storyteller about the life of this father, Wayne B. Nicoll.

Show Overview
3:00 – The Story Behind the Photo
11:30 – Growing Up With Guns
14:00 – Youth in Berlin
20:00 – Guns as Tools
25:00 – Early Signs of Alzheimers
38:00 – Lost on the Trail
45:00 – World’s Best Dad
51:00 – Fondest Memories
57:00 – Influence and Ethics
65:00 – Armed Animals
70:00 – Supporting the Arts
73:00 – The Affectionate Couple
80:00 – Silver Bullets

West Point Obituary
Concord Monitor Obituary
Race Walking
Mare’s Leg
SASS – Single Action Shooting Society
Fiction by Gregory Nicoll


Episode 2 – Martin Lammon & Poetry

Martin Lammon & Poetry

I spoke with Poet and Professor Martin Lammon about his life, poetry, and dissecting cats. We spoke over coffee on a rainy Saturday afternoon in his study in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Lammon and his wife Libby were gracious hosts and formidable Scrabble opponents.

Show Overview

3:00 – Struggling to Appreciate Poetry
8:30 – Poetry, Objectivity, and Meaning
13:00 – What We Bring to Poetry
16:00 – Do You Love Your Poem?
21:30 – Who Will Sing Me a Song?
30:00 – How Poetry Changed in the 20th Century
37:00 – Digging Into Poetry
41:00 – The Poetry Reading
45:00 – Poetry and Vulnerability
49:00 – Singing and Talking to Girls
50:00 – Making Changes
57:00 – Poet/Ambassador
71:00 – “Like a _, my heart beats fast when I _”
77:00 – Tracing Students Lives
83:00 – What’s Your Mother’s Favorite Poem? –
93:00 – Two Poems by Martin Lammon

Martin Lammon’s Site
News From Where I Live – Poems by Martin Lammon
Written in Water, Written in Stone: Twenty Years of Poets on Poetry
GCSU MFA Program
Kestrel – A Journal of Arts and Letters
Arts & Letters Journal
Sara Pirkle Hughes’ Site
Miller Oberman’s “The Unstill Ones”


Episode 1 – Kristin Lemmerman & the Montessori Method

Episode 1 – Kristin Lemmerman & the Montessori Method

In this conversation Kristin and I talk about how she went from intern at CNN to Montessori Primary guide. Kristin discusses the contrast between the current American education system and the Montessori Method.

Show Overview
Kristin’s Pre-Montessori Career
Kristin’s Introduction to Montessori
Montessori Guide Training
The Importance of Exactitude in Presenting to Children
Montessori Education vs Mainstream Education/How Children Learn
Montessori and Language
Keeping Track of a Child’s Progress
When Parents Don’t Understand Montessori
Kristin’s Montessori Experience as a Parent
Montessori Materials – From Physical to Abstract
How Technology Impacts Children

Montessori at Emory
International Montessori Training Institute