Episode 7 – Johnny Bouchard on Fitness and Recovery

Ep7 – Johnny Bouchard on Fitness and Recovery

Show Overview
2:30 – Johnny’s Intro to CrossFit
6:00 – From Member to Trainer
8:45 – CrossFit > Cigarettes
14:30 – Intro to CrossFit Programming
16:00 – From L.A. to ATL
19:00 – The Journey to CFD
22:30 – Evolution of Programming
30:00 – Biggest Pet Peeves of CrossFit Coaches
37:30 – The Birth of Atlanta Sports Recovery
42:00 – The Common CrossFit Injuries
45:30 – Stretching or Mobilizing Prior to Working Out 
50:00 – The Four Pillars of Health
59:00 – Johnny’s Most Controversial Opinion About CrossFit
62:00 – What’s Something About Getting Older That People Don’t Tell You?
65:00 – Johnny Turns the Tables
71:00 – The Hottest CrossFit Topic in the House
75:00 – Being Honest With Yourself

Atlanta Sports Recovery
CrossFit Decatur

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